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The alignment of nations. Russia, China, Iran, Turkey: Foretold in the Bible.

From many scriptures, prophecies in the Old Testament as well as from the book of Revelation, we see there will be a WWIII. What we are seeing now is the beginning stages, the formation of what we see prophesied in the Bible.

We see in Ez. 38 1 thru 6 the mention of nations that will be allies with Russia, Magog.

Ezekiel 38: 1The word of the LORD came to me: 2 "Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of  Meshech and Tubal; prophesy against him 3 and say: 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of  Meshech and Tubal. 4 I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army—your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields, all of them brandishing their swords. 5 Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets, 6 also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far north with all its troops—the many nations with you.

"Magog" is an ancient name for the nation now known as Russia. "Gog" means "the chief prince of Magog," the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.  (Ez. 38:2-3; 39:1). "Gog" signifies a prince, or head, today we would say president or prime minister. The word translated "chief" in Ezekiel 38:2-3 literally means in Hebrew the "top" or "head".

The name "Moscow" derives from the tribal names "Meshech," and "Tobolsk," the name from "'Tubal." Magog became "Rosh," then "Russ," and today is known as "Russia." In this name we have the first historical trace of the Russ or Russian nation. Genesis 10 gives the descendants of Noah’s sons. Genesis 10 and 1 Chron. 1 helps to establish the identity of these people. Magog, Gomer, Meshech, and Tubal are four of the seven sons of Japheth. Magog was the second son of Japheth. Tubal and Meshech were the fifth and sixth sons of Japheth. “Meshech” was founder of the Moshci who dwelt in the Moschian mountains. "Moschi," derived from the Hebrew name Meshech is the source of the name for the city of Moscow. “Tubal” was the founder of the Tebereni people. Magog, Meshech, and Tubal make up the modern Russian people and compose the present land of Russia.

Another clue to whom and where Magog is, is its geographic location in relation to Israel. Ezekiel said this army would come from the far North. If you take a map and draw a line straight up from Jerusalem you will come to Russia and Moscow.

We see Iran(Persia), the name was changed to Iran in 1935, (Persia included the areas of Iraq and Afghanistan) and Russia will lead a collation of nations of which most are Islamic in an invasion of Israel. It’s only been in like the last 10 years or so that Russia and Iran have become allies. Now Russia is allied with Turkey. The area that is now Turkey is also mentioned in Ezekiel 38. Togarmah from the far north with all its troops(Hordes) (Southern Russia and the Cossacks) includes Turkey.  Ezekiel mentions Cush, is now Ethiopia, Put is now Libya, Gomer with all Its Troups(Hordes) Germany (Old Iron Curtain Countries). Ezekiel also says, the Many Nations with You. Ezekiel indicates that he hasn’t given a complete list of allies. Russia has also become allies with most of the other Islamic nations.

We see in Ez. 38, 8 After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, … This describes Israel perfectly. The Jewish people have recovered from the Holocaust of WWII. They have been regathered back to their ancient land. Israel became a nation again in 1948.

Russia has also become allies with China. We see this in Daniel 11, reports from the east, and in Revelation, kings of the East. We see in Revelation that the Euphrates River will be dried up allowing the Kings of the East, China and the other Asian countries like North Korea to come into the Middle East of which in Revelation is called the battle of Armageddon.

Rev. 9: 13The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, "Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates." 15And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind. 16The number of the mounted troops was two hundred million. I heard their number.

Rev. 16: 12The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. 13Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty. .. 16Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.

While the drying up of the Euphrates River could be done supernaturally by God or by a nuclear bomb, it can be done easily today. In Turkey there is a dam called the Atatuak Dam that can be closed thus causing the river to be dried up. The Euphrates River is what separates the east from the west. China already has a highway to be used for military purposes that leads from China to the Middle East. In Rev. 9 John said, 16The number of the mounted troops was two hundred million. I heard their number. … An interesting fact about this verse is that during the time John was witnessing all this and writing it down, there wasn’t 200 million people in the whole known world. John said he heard their number.

Dan. 11: 44 But reports from the east (China) and the north (Russia) will alarm him(the anti-Christ), and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many.

While Iran is on the east side of the Euphrates River, Iran along with the other Islamic nations are defeated with Russia’s and Iran’s invasion we see with Ezekiel chapter 38. From Revelation chapters 9 and 16, we don’t see the kings from the east coming into this until towards the end of the Tribulation. From the way it sounds, Daniel 11 verses 40 thru 45 are occurring during the 2nd half of the Tribulation, which would be after the anti-Christ and Israel have defeated the first invasion by Russia.

In Revelation 9 John said the number of the mounted troops was two hundred million. China can now mount that many troops all on their own. Another thing to notice from Revelation 9 verse 15 is that John was told that a third of mankind are killed. Today, that would be at least 2 billion. And that’s just with this judgment. From what we know today of the effects of nuclear weapons, we see with the trumpet and bowl judgments the results of nuclear warfare. We see with the 4th seal a fourth of the world is kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. With the 6th seal we the first mention of the use of nuclear weapons. With the trumpet judgments a third of the world is affected. With the bowls it’s become totally worldwide.  Russia and China each have more nuclear weapons than any other country, even the United States.

We also see in Psalm 83 and invasion by the Islamic nations that surround Israel. This could be ‘the many nations with you’ from Ezekiel or it could be another invasion all together.

In Pslam 83 we also see what the so-called Palestinians and Islamic nations are saying, 4“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.” … By the way, there was never a Palestinian people or nation. The Romans referred to all the Middle East as Palestine.

From Daniel and Revelation, we see there will be a one world government and religion. This is what the world is calling for, striving for. Even certain political leaders in the U.S. All the current events happening around the world are leading us to a global, one world government. The great reset.

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We can now see so many other statements from Jesus and the Prophets occurring literally right before our very eyes. As I’ve said before, if all the prophecies of Jesus’ first coming came true literally then we should expect all the prophecies leading up to his second coming to come true literally also. Well, that is exactly what we are seeing. … None of this took place or was even possible in the first century.

It should be obvious from Bible prophecy that we are indeed living in the last of the last days, just how close to all these things starting we don’t know, but with the way things are falling into place and the way the whole world is towards Israel it doesn’t seem like it could be much longer. It’s more important now than ever to have your life right with the Lord, or you could find yourself here going through all of it.

Maranatha, Our Lord Comes.

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